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Transportation Security Symposium

January 31 - February 11, 2022

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The Government Technology & Services Coalition is extremely pleased to host the Transportation Security Symposium, to examine the missions, programs, and goals of Transportation Security.  Webinars feature keynote speakers, panel discussions, and subject matter discussions for approximately 1.5-2 hours daily.

GTSC continues to bring you the people, information, and collaboration necessary to understand our government partners.  For GTSC's Transportation Security Symposium, we will host discussions around the administration's procurement goals, IT transformation initiatives, their small business strategy, and much more.

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LOGISTICS: For GTSC's Transportation Security Symposium 2022 you will receive the login information for the day's webinar before 10:00 am EST each day. You will need to register for the entirety of the sessions, and will receive the information for each, day of. 

PLEASE mark both and as safe senders with your email system to ensure you get the information.  


Thank you for participating and we look forward to a great week!

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Thank you to our supporting sponsors! 

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Monday, January 31st

David Pekoske

Administrator, Transportation Security Administration

David Pekoske was confirmed by the U.S. Senate as the Transportation Security Administration’s seventh administrator in August 2017. He leads a workforce of approximately 60,000 employees, including the Federal Air Marshal Service, and is responsible for security operations at nearly 450 airports throughout the United States and shared security for highways, railroads, ports, mass transit systems and pipelines. Under his leadership, TSA is working continuously to raise the security baseline for both aviation and surface transportation through close partnerships and alliances and a robust homeland security network.

While continuing to serve as TSA Administrator, Pekoske also served at the Department of Homeland Security as Acting Secretary from January 20 to February 2, 2021, and as the Senior Official Performing the Duties of Deputy Secretary from April to November 2019 and again from February to June 2021. At the Department, Pekoske helped lead a unified national effort to ensure the continued security of the United States, coordinating components with missions ranging from prevention and protection to recovery and response.


2:00 PM State of Transportation Security 


Patricia Cogswell 

Former Deputy Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration


Senior Strategic Advisor, Guidehouse 


Former Acting Deputy Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, National Security Council


Steve Karoly 

Former Acting Assistant Administrator, Office of Requirements and Capabilities Analysis, Transportation Security Administration

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Contracting and Opportunities Overview 

Tuesday, February 1st


Russell Roberts 

Chief Information Officer, TSA

Assistant Administrator for the Office of Information Technology, TSA 


Robert Fortner 

Deputy Chief Information Officer, Transportation Security Administration


Darryl Gingles 

Executive Director, Information Assurance, TSA 


Cybersecurity/Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), TSA 

2:00 PM Information Security at TSA  

Wednesday, February 2nd

2:00 PM Contracting and Opportunities Overview: 

 IT, HC, Mission Essentials


Bill Weinberg

Assistant Administrator, Contracting and Procurement Head of Contracting Activity, Transportation Security Administration

Dina Thompson

Deputy Head of the Contracting Activity, Transportation Security Administration

C.J. DeBernard

Director, Enterprise Information Technology Acquisition Division, TSA

William Dorwart

Director, Mission Essentials Acquisition Division, TSA

Vincent Gibson

Director, Workforce & Enterprise Operations Acquisition Division, TSA


Contracting and Opportunities Overview 

Thursday, February 3rd

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Larry Smith 

Assistant Administrator/ Chief Administrative Officer, Security and Administrative Services, TSA


Andrea Gaddy-Smith 


Deputy Chief Security Officer, TSA 


Regina Hart 


Branch Chief, TSA 


2:00 PM Physical Security at TSA  

Friday, February 4th

11:00 AM Innovation at TSA  


Daniel McCoy 

Chief Innovation Officer

Transportation Security Administration


Austin Gould 

Assistant Administrator, Requirements and Capabilities Analysis, Transporation Security Administration

Sonya Proctor

Assistant Administrator for Surface Operations, Transportation Security Administration

Sonya Proctor is the Assistant Administrator for Surface Operations, which aligns surface transportation security operations under direct executive leadership to provide the most effective and efficient security solutions for the four modes of land-based transportation: mass transit, freight rail, highway motor carrier and pipeline. Proctor is responsible for strategic surface transportation security operations management and services, not only agency-wide, but also on a national level and scope in all surface transportation modes.J. William (Bill) Weinberg was named TSA’s Assistant Administrator for Contracting and Procurement and Head of Contracting Activity in November 2020.


Monday, February 7th

11:00 AM Surface Operations at TSA  


Keith Goll 

Deputy Assistant Administrator, Requirements and Capability Analysis, 

Transportation Security Administration


Mario Wilson 

Assistant Administrator, Acquisition Program Management, Transportation Security Administration

Tuesday, February 8th

2:00 PM Acquisition Management at TSA  

Wednesday, February 9th

2:00 PM Contracting and Opportunities Overview: Small Business, Contracting Credentialing and Vetting Systems, PreCheck, Secure Flight, Physical Security, Explosive Detection Canine, Security Technology


Bill Weinberg

Assistant Administrator, Contracting and Procurement Head of Contracting Activity, Transportation Security Administration

Dina Thompson

Deputy Head of the Contracting Activity, Transportation Security Administration

Robert Boone

Director, Small Business Programs, TSA

Kerry Toscano

Director, Security Technology Acquisition Division, TSA

Robyn Towles

 Director, Credentialing, Screening & Intelligence Acquisition Division, TSA


Read the latest in Transportation Security from HSToday 

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Cookies and Coffee Afternoon Reception!

2:45 PM - 3:45 PM 

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