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TSA Day 2019

Join GTSC for our 4th Annual Transportation Security 2019 Forum, taking a deep-dive into the missions and priorities of the U.S. Transportation Security Administration.

TSA's strategic plan identifies numerous areas that the agency seeks to advance to raise the global baseline of aviation security. The agency is looking to strengthen operations through powerful and adaptable detection capabilities, intelligence-driven operations, and enhanced vetting. They also seek to develop strong partnerships across governments and industry to succeed in the shared transportation security mission. Goals include:

1.1 Strengthen the effectiveness of TSA’s core capabilities in aviation security.

1.2 Improve intelligence-driven operations with increased information sharing.

1.3 Modernize transportation vetting.

1.4 Advance global transportation security standards.

1.5 Promote security partnerships across surface transportation systems.

Join GTSC to delve into each of these priorities and discuss the agency's vision for each, and how strengthened partnership with the private sector can fuel these goals.


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