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GTSC thanks Event Chairs for their tireless work on behalf of the GTSC mission and the quality and success of our programs.  Event Chairs are members of GTSC who work with us to develop and execute our programming, suggest ideas and topics, and assure that we host the most relevant discussion to assist our government partners. 

Patty Todaro Bolin BW

Patty Todaro Bolin Principal, ICS Advisory Services; Chair, Business Development Exchange and CBP Week 2019 and 2020

Sarah Norcross

Sarah Norcross Co-Chair, TSA Day 2017 Program Manager CENTRA Technology

Kristin Cooke

Kristin Cooke Co-Chair, CBP Day 2017 Vice President, Acuity

Alan Carpenter

Alan Carpenter, Co-Chair CBP Day 2017 Vice President, Amyx

Andrea Stone

Andrea Stone Co-Chair, TSA Day 2017 CEO, Dynamic Pro Inc.

Leslie Hubbard-Darr

Leslie Hubbard-Darr Co-Chair, TSA Day 2017 Dynamic Pro Inc.

Sara Kindsfater Yerkes

Sara Kindsfater-Yerkes Co-Chair, USCIS Day 2016

Brad Cole

Brad Cole Co-Chair, CBP Day 2015 Vice President, Homeland Security & Law Enforcement, Accenture

Diane Ashley

Co-Chair, USCIS Day 2016, Business Development Director, Accenture

Dennis Murphy

Dennis Murphy, Co-Chair, CBP Day 2016 President, Applied Social Media

Kris Mcmenamin

Kris McMenamin Co-Chair, CBP Day 2016 CEO, MCG Consulting

Chuck Winwood

Chuck Winwood Co-Chair, CBP Day 2015 GTSC Strategic Advisor

Sharie Bourbeau

Sharie Bourbeau, Co-Chair, CBP Day 2015, former Program Director, CBP

Special Thanks

Event Chairs

Cookies and Coffee Afternoon Reception!

2:45 PM - 3:45 PM 

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