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Welcome to GTSC Days -- the place for the public and private sectors to work together to understand and master the challenges of our homeland and national security missions. Here we take a close look at the people and the missions around the nation's most critical security issues to collaborate, team build, and learn, to execute the best solutions for the mission of protecting our citizens, critical infrastructure, and ultimately our way of life.

Since the COVID pandemic, GTSC's programming is now all online and this hub serves as our interactive program. We continue to bring our members the people, information, and collaboration necessary to understand our government partners. F

Led by the non-profit Government Technology & Services Coalition, our non-partisan conversations focus on solutions, best practices, and collaborative learning.  We envite you to engage with us today!


AUGUST 17, 2022

Government Technology & Services Coalition is extremely pleased to host the 10th anniversary Annual Meeting to review GTSC's decade of service, and to look at DHS's HQ's priorities for FY22. 

What are GTSC Weeks?

Where Homeland Security Meets to Address Critical Mission Challenges

For 8 years, the Government Technology & Services Coalition has carefully developed a deep dive into the components and missions of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  Since 2011, beginning with our inaugural CBP Day, the model and concept has grown across the Department to offer government and private sector partners an opportunity to understand and tackle critical mission challenges together.  An intimate, relaxed environment encourages participants to speak frankly and participate in meaningful exchanges to advance innovation, security best practices, and understand the market dynamics that result in the best products and services being offered to solve the nation's security needs.


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